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Play surface designs with a difference

Looking for a great play surface design?

When designing a playground you might be thinking of safety first, but once you have researched your surface options, design is the next step!

Arrows and Flowers were the main design theme for two new play surfaces in Nottingham.

Each play surface is comprised of approximately 200 square meters of wet-pour rubber safety surfacing. Both play areas were designed to incorporate large, brightly coloured graphics of various Arrow and Flower shapes.

Materials used

The materials used in the construction of these play surfaces were from the Floorabounce Range, consisting of FlooraBase recycled tyre granules, FlooraBright coloured EPDM granules and Dow Voramer™ Binder.

Joint free surface

FlooraBright EPDM Granules when mixed with Dow Voramer™ Binder, provides a strong and durable impact-absorbing surface, which can be installed in any shape and size without any joins.

The EPDM Granules are laid as a continuous surface that can be installed right up to existing play equipment to ensure there are no unprotected areas. The correct surface thickness is retained throughout to ensure a providing a low-maintenance surface option.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in specifying FlooraBright EPDM Granules for your play area, or looking to find a local installer please get in touch and we would be happy to recommend someone near you. Alternatively, if you’re looking to source rubber granules or other associated products directly, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Dec 19, 2013