Main applications include:

  • Wearing layer for children's playgrounds, onto an engineered sub-base or onto FlooraBase
  • Top layer for athletics tracks
  • Top layer for multi-use games areas
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Walkways and landscape areas
  • Driveways
  • Raw material for moulded products.
  • Garden decoration/weed control (loose filled).

The process

FlooraBright coloured EPDM granules are made from a compound of EPDM rubber, specialist pigment and UV stabilisers. Blocks of the rubber compound are produced under carefully controlled factory conditions which are then granulated at high speed.
Dust is removed at every stage to ensure the finished granules are as clean as possible. Throughout the process, thorough testing ensures that the chemical and physical properties are of consistently high quality.
black EPDM granules are produced from selected scrap EPDM rubber, derived mainly from the automotive industry such as rubber window seals, linings, tubing etc. The scrap is then recycled by means of ambient grinding, the process being designed to remove contamination and dust to ensure clean high quality finished granulate. Regular sieve analysis ensures consistent material sizing.

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