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New Website translated into French, German & Spanish

Following a recent growth in exports and enquiries from Europe, we have now translated our website into French, German and Spanish. These versions are now live and can be viewed from the links positioned at the top right hand side of the website.

We hope that the translations communicate the qualities and benefits of the FlooraBounce Range of surfacing materials to a wider audience.

Trade Partners International Ltd have developed the Floorabounce Range of rubber granules (including Tyre Granules, EPDM Granules, Colour Coated Granules, Rubber Bark) and Dow Voramer™ Polyurethane Binder. We are one the leading suppliers of rubber surfacing materials in the UK and we’re keen to expand our sales into Europe.

Should you be interested in specifying the FlooraBounce Range for your project, or looking to become a local European installer then please get in touch and we would be interested to hear from you.

Nov 20, 2013