Rubber Bark - FlooraBark
Rubber Bark - FlooraBark RED



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Rubber bark


Nominal 1.0-3.0cm

The Process:

FlooraBark is produced from contaminant free waste fork-truck tyres, recycled by means of ambient grinding to produce a clean high quality rubber shred. The shred is then further processed with the application of a robust polyurethane based colour coating compound to provide coloured shred resembling rubber bark. When installed FlooraBark gives a natural rustic look to the surface.

Key Benefits:

Rubber Bark does not compact or degrade.

Minimal sub-base preparation.

Shred provides excellent drainage.

High elasticity.

Low density for excellent coverage.

Non toxic.


Supplied in 10kg polythene bags shrinkwrapped on pallets.

Main Applications include:

Wearing layer for recreational areas.

Trim trails, walkways and landscape areas.

Garden decoration, weed control, loose filled – for this application.


FlooraBark is supported by comprehensive technical data sheets and material safety data sheets, available on request.

We make every effort to ensure the pictures of Rubber Bark are as representative as possible, however the natural colour cannot always be displayed accurately on screen and we recommend that a sample is requested where an exact colour reference is required. It’s also important to note that the colour will change when mixed with polyurethane binder during installation.