Dow VORAMER™ MR Polyurethane Binder


Trade Partners International Ltd are a Dow Chemical Company approved distributor for VORAMER™ MR polyurethane binder, throughout the UK. The Dow Chemical Company is a leading global producer of polyurethane raw material and polyurethane systems, supplying binder across Europe, America & Australasia.


Red Barrel polyurethane binderDow VORAMER™ MR polyurethane binder is designed specifically for bonding rubber granules and other rubber products (the FlooraBounce range) for use in the installation of children’s playgrounds, sports surfaces and other applications as detailed below. VORAMER™ MR binder is an aromatic polyurethane, moisture curing product and is available in a range of specifications, each with a different cure rate to suit the application and local conditions.

Key Benefits:

Single Component

Solvent Free

Low Viscosity

Extended Shelf Life

Available in either 215kg steel drums or 25kg cans.

Applications include:

Children’s Playground Surfaces

Sports Surfaces (Athletics Tracks, Hockey & Football Pitches, Multi-use Games Areas)

Walkways & Landscaping

Moulded Rubber Products


Dow Voramer MR™ Polyurethane Binder is supported by comprehensive technical data sheets and material safety data sheets, available on request.

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