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  1. Risk and Reward – Child’s Play!

    HOw play is changing for children

    The development of Impact Absorbing Safety Surfacing for children’s playgrounds over time has gradually reduced the number of impromptu visits to A&E for many parents. Are we allowing our children enough freedom to take risks and gain rewards as they play? 


    According to eminent psychologists and some parents, allowing children to play and make errors of judgment as they do so, is all part of the growing-up process. To indulge in rough and tumble, alone, or in groups, allows them to problem-solve and relationship-build in environments that broaden their life skills.

    children love to play in risky ways—ways that combine the joy of freedom with just the right measure of fear to produce the exhilarating blend known as thrill”  Peter Gray Ph.D.

    The catalogue of broken bones, twisted joints and long-term cranial injuries can scarcely be described as tolerable, despite evidence to suggest that young bones fracture and heal with surprising ease. We no longer live in the 1940s, when playground surfaces were either grass or concrete. According to RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) over 40,000 injuries occur to children on old-style playgrounds annually.


    trade partners image of girl at old playground


    While it is fair to suggest that we cannot be on guard at all times and that accidents will happen, when adventure and discovery are guiding a child’s natural sense of direction, it is equally fair to suggest that wrapping them in cotton-wool might turn them ‘soft’ and never stretch their imaginations. Such is the conflict faced by the parent of today, where even the age-old and much-beloved practice of ‘playing conkers’ demands padded gloves and eye-protectors…mostly to avoid 3rd-party insurance claims.


    Over the past 60 years we have witnessed, in our culture, a continuous, gradual, but ultimately dramatic decline in children’s opportunities to play freely, without adult control, and especially in their opportunities to play in risky ways.  Over the same 60 years we have also witnessed a continuous, gradual, but ultimately dramatic increase in all sorts of childhood mental disorders, especially emotional disorders” Psyhcology Today


    Changing the way they play.

    Times have changed. The prospect of ill-judged gymnastics in the local park resulting in costly long-term medical care have been reduced, with the arrival of impact absorbing safety surfacing. While woodchip and even turf possess some absorption and rebound qualities, the concept of tailoring surface thickness to suit critical fall height and surface area to suit fall zone in-situ, has resulted in a sea-change in safety terms and hopefully the parent’s approach to their child’s play. 



    “Children are highly motivated to play in risky ways, but they are also very good at knowing their own capacities and avoiding risks they are not ready to take, either physically or emotionally. Our children know far better than we do what they are ready for.” Peter Gray Ph.D


    The construction of wet-pour safety surfaces for playgrounds, where play equipment is in place, will in most cases consist of a base layer of FlooraBounce recycled truck tyre rubber granules, that is installed at varying thickness according to the potential fall height from play equipment. The base layer provides the surface with the impact absorbing properties required to avoid serious injury. The base layer is then encapsulated with a robust wearing layer of FlooraBright EPDM rubber granules, available in a range of colours to help stimulate and educate children at play.


    The granules are bound together using Dow VORAMER™Polyurethane Binder, which ensures the granules are kept in place, to provide the surface protection where it is needed the most. The climbing-frames, spinning wheels, swings, space-ships, castles, rocking-horses and hoops can be used knowing there is a secure platform in place, to add greater interest and intrigue.


    laying of rubber mulch in playground by trade partners


    The same FlooraBounce range of surfacing materials can also be used in the construction of many sports surfaces, such as athletics tracks, synthetic hockey pitches and multi-use games areas.



    In post-2012 Olympic Britain, where healthier living and strenuous exercise are components of a ‘Be Inspired’ ethos, the old drudge of labouring sweatily around an antiquated cinder running-track is alleviated by a more technologically advanced surface that aids record-breaking lap times, rather than being an obstacle to them. Such surfaces also react better with modern sports footwear, are less demanding and do not denigrate the value of exercise one tiny bit.

    Synthetic sports surfaces also provide a viable, low maintenance, all-weather (a vital consideration for the UK climate), facility for field sports and multi-use games areas. The fact that a rainbow array of colours are available for a wide range of sporting applications, means that mums, dads and adults can enjoy some of the broader benefits of a cushioned surface, with the same levels of impact absorption and slip resistance that can be enjoyed by our children.


    The story has been educational in more ways than might seem obvious and Trade Partners International, a Dow Chemical Company approved distributor for VORAMER™ Polyurethane Binder, is a one-stop supplier of high quality rubber granules and associated products to sports and play surfacing trade. With a wealth of healthier options for all of us, from immature adventurers to ardent sports-fans the injury rate has dropped by over 90%* in playgrounds alone.


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  2. New CFP35 Wetpour Mixer ready for despatch

    Wetpour mixer

    We’re pleased to confirm the despatch of a new CreteAngle CFP35 forced action wetpour mixer today, complete with Honda engine, pan, head guard, tipper, 4 wheels and a 12 month warranty.   

    The CFP35 Model is designed for mixing rubber granules and low density, light weight materials with a drum capacity of 75 litres (2.6 cu.ft). Motor options include 380/415V, 220/240V or 110V, 1.1kw electric motor or Honda petrol engine. Overall dimensions 1100 x 880 x 900mm, pan size 585mm diameter, 305mm deep. Net weight 140kg.

    The CreteAngle Model L112 forced action wetpour mixer is also available for the larger, more frequent applications, with a drum capacity of 190 litres (6.75 cu.ft). Motor options for the L112 model include 380/415V, 220/240V or 110V electric motor or diesel engine (electric start optional). Overall dimensions 1460 x 1120 x 1300mm, pan size 760mm diameter, 410mm deep. Net weight 375-430kg.

    A range of Wetpour Rollers (400mm x 600mm & 800mm wide), roller trays, cast iron drum taps, long-nosed surface trowels and drum stands are also available to complete any installation kit.

    Should you be interested in either model or require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01158 229473 or

  3. Play surface designs with a difference.

    Wetpour Safety Surfacing

    Looking for a great play surface design?

    When designing a playground you might be thinking of safety first, but once you have researched your surface options, design is the next step!

    Arrows and Flowers were the main design theme for two new play surfaces in Nottingham.

    Each play surface is comprised of approximately 200 square meters of wet-pour rubber safety surfacing. Both play areas were designed to incorporate large, brightly coloured graphics of various Arrow and Flower shapes.

    Materials Used

    The materials used in the construction of these play surfaces were from the FlooraBounce Range, consisting of FlooraBase recycled tyre granules, FlooraBright coloured EPDM granules and Dow Voramer™ MR1060 polyurethane binder.

    Join free surface.

    FlooraBright EPDM granules when mixed with Dow Voramer™ polyurethane binder, provides a strong and durable impact-absorbing surface, which can be installed in any shape and size without any joins.

    The EPDM granules are laid as a continuous surface that can be installed right up to existing play equipment to ensure there are no unprotected areas. The correct surface thickness is retained throughout to ensure a providing a low-maintenance surface option.

    Want to know more?

    If you are interested in specifying FlooraBright EPDM granules for your play area, or looking to find a local installer please get in touch and we would be happy to recommend someone near you. Alternatively, if you’re looking to source FlooraBright EPDM granules or other associated products directly, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


    deigning a playground

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  5. New Website Translated into French, German & Spanish

    TPI Flags

    Following a recent growth in exports and enquiries from Europe, we have now translated our website into French, German and Spanish. These versions are now live and can be viewed from the links positioned at the top right hand side of the website. We hope that the translations communicate the qualities and benefits of the FlooraBounce Range of surfacing materials to a wider audience.  

    Trade Partners International Ltd have developed the FlooraBounce Range of rubber granules (including Tyre granules, EPDM granules, Colour Coated granules, Rubber Bark) and Dow VORAMER™ MR polyurethane binder. We are one the leading suppliers of rubber surfacing materials in the UK and we’re keen to expand our sales into Europe.

    Should you be interested in specifying the FlooraBounce Range for your project, or looking to become a local European installer then please get in touch and we would be interested to hear from you.

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